The Future of Business is Environmentally Focused

Over the years it has become more of a priority to keep the Earth in mind as global temperatures rise, species become less prevalent, and our water and air more polluted. Customers having become more ecologically aware thus valuing companies that reinforce healthy corporate culture, environmentally friendly initiates and reduction of waste. It isn't always easy though - helping the environment has often been seen as expensive and logistically difficult. There are four main aspects as to why future companies have no option but to adapt to the needs of its consumers and overall, the Earth.  In this blog post we'll cover how tax breaks & legal advantages, waste reduction, workplace environment/public relations and lastly - sustainability in general will drive businesses goals and focus from here on out. 

In various states across our country standards have been put in place to reduce emissions- especially during the shipping process. This has not only fueled innovation at companies such as GE & Fedex in order to avoid punitive measures - yet has also created an incentive based environment where tax credits are offered for use of eco-friendly technologies such as solar panels, wind turbines, etc. Sales tax exemptions for use of green vehicles, carbon neutral shipping, and more have also been instituted for companies that choose the Earth first.

In terms of waste reduction, operational costs can be reduced and companies can see increased efficiency from going green. Becoming conscious about seemingly small factors such as energy use can drastically increase a companies bottom line by year end - simply by reducing energy and waste from electricity, paper + packaging. 

Not only in terms of employee physical health, but mental health as well - going green has shown to provide a better environment for workplace employees as they are more content being a part of a company that's doing its best to operate for the good of the planet and human beings. The general public is in resounding agreement with supporting sustainable companies. Sustainable initiatives have taken ahold nowadays due to the current state of our planet, placing ecological benefits at the forefront of our desires consumers. In the past decade alone, companies have seen a rise of over 20% in annual profit from green products alone. If this isn't indicative of a shift in cultural mindset and consumer behavior- what is? 



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