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* This policy is effective as of March 6th, 2024

All fees are listed in U.S. Dollars, unless otherwise stated.


Your seller fee varies depending on your location and the address provided to us upon item submission via email.

- United States (local drop-off): $0

- United States (prepaid shipping): $5

- Canada (local drop-off): $0

- Canada (prepaid shipping): $5


A commission fee is only charged when an item is purchased. The commission fee is 7.5% + seller fee and will be deducted from your listing price. These fees are in addition to the percent taken based on brand category of the piece being sold when the sale concerns a luxury item. See our Policy page for more information on luxury payout percentages.


A 2.9% payout fee is applied when earnings are deposited to your bank account through ACH direct deposit or PayPal. If you are situated in Canada, you have the option to deposit your funds into your bank account in local currency or your PayPal account. Opting for funds deposited in local currency will incur a currency conversion rate, inclusive of a conversion fee.

*During promotional campaigns (e.g., free ACH direct deposits, etc.), we may choose to reduce or waive the payout fee. Subscribe to our mailing list and follow us on Instagram @shopubbi to be notified of these campaigns.