Luxury Authentication

At SHOPUBBI, we provide a guarantee of authenticity for our luxury goods. Our meticulous authentication process, coupled with a secondary verification method, ensures that every item you purchase is unquestionably genuine.

1) Our authentication process begins with a comprehensive investigation into the item's origins. We validate the original purchase location and cross-reference any accompanying receipts.

2) Furthermore, we conduct a thorough examination of the physical attributes of each item, a process that varies according to different designers and product types. These attributes encompass, but are not confined to, monogram patterns, stitching, hardware, spacing, fabric, logos, scent, heat stamps, date codes, and model numbers.

3) For an added layer of assurance, we employ a second-party verification platform called Entrupy, which utilizes cutting-edge technology, including AI, to scrutinize patterns, verify date codes, and authenticate model numbers for select items.

By adhering to a consistent procedure for each product, we eliminate the guesswork often associated with second-hand stores. This is especially crucial for items from brands such as Hermès, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and others that are frequently targeted by counterfeiters.

We are unwavering in our commitment to authenticity. At SHOPUBBI, submitting counterfeit items incurs a penalty. Individuals who submit items that are subsequently identified as counterfeit through our authentication process will be subject to a $100 fee and will be prohibited from making further consignment submissions.

Please note that we do not return counterfeit items. Upon payment of the fee, the item must be collected from one of our locations. We have implemented multiple safeguards to prevent counterfeit products from circulating both in the broader market and on our platform.
luxury handbags authentication

Our dedication to preserving the integrity of the brands we carry is the driving force behind our rigorous authentication policy. We firmly believe that curbing counterfeits in the resale market contributes to the enduring prestige and desirability of high-end brands.