Remote Listing Policy

*This policy is effective from March 6th, 2024.

What is SHOPUBBI remote listing?

At SHOP UBBI, we're your sustainable solution for discovering a diverse array of curated brand-name and high-fashion items. Our collection is meticulously sourced from a variety of retailers and clothing outlets to bring you the best selection. With a focus on expansion, our team is dedicated to continuously growing our services and offerings. Whether you're looking to sell your clothing/items for cash, authenticate luxury items, or utilize our consignment services, we've got you covered. Plus, for our non-local customers, we now offer remote listing and selling options. Discover the convenience and sustainability of shopping with SHOP UBBI today.

How do I submit items for sale remotely?

To submit an item for sale, simply contact us directly at We'll promptly send you a submission form for your item(s) to fill out and return to us. Additionally, we kindly request a minimum of 16 photos of your item. Don't worry, the submission form will outline specific angles and photo requirements needed. We look forward to helping you sell your items with ease and efficiency.

Where will my items be listed for sale?

Your items will be listed on our website,, where they will be available for purchase by customers worldwide. Additionally, they will be featured on our other established sales channels, including Facebook and Instagram/Meta Shop. Rest assured, we're dedicated to maximizing the visibility of your items to ensure they sell quickly and fetch the best price possible.

How can I contact SHOPUBBI to inquire about my item(s) for sale?

We're dedicated to providing you with assistance whenever you need it. Reach out to us 24/7 by chatting with us directly on our website or emailing us at Our customer service team is available to respond to emails Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm.

What is the protocol for pricing items on SHOPUBBI?

Our pricing protocol encompasses several key factors to ensure fairness and efficiency. We carefully assess: 1) the retail price or average market value of the item, 2) its wear and condition, 3) seasonality and trendiness, 4) your desired minimum price, 5) implementing incremental weekly discounts to enhance selling effectiveness, and 6) evaluating current market demand. By considering these elements comprehensively, we strive to offer competitive pricing and optimize the selling process for our clients.

How can I take advantage of the factors that play into pricing protocol - and get the most for my item(s)?

When you bring us items, there are several ways to maximize your profit. Firstly, we specialize in selling quality, gently worn pieces that exhibit minimal signs of wear. Items in pristine condition command higher prices. Secondly, we prioritize on-trend and seasonally appropriate pieces when buying or accepting items for consignment. Lastly, communicating clear and direct expectations regarding your price floor and preferred discount structure enables us to sell your item more efficiently, ensuring a quicker turnaround. Trust us to maximize your profit by adhering to these principles.

Does my item(s) list price account for taxes and duties?

The price set when submitting an item for sale will reflect the amount earned after deducting commission and seller fees. It's important to note that fees applicable to buyers, such as shipping costs, do not impact sellers. Rest assured, we ensure transparency in our pricing structure to provide clarity and fairness to all parties involved.

Will I be charged for anything?

When you opt to sell with us, you may incur certain costs under the following circumstances:

- If applicable, consignment storage fees may be charged.

- In the event that an item is rejected during the authentication/verification process and subsequently shipped back to you, a Recoupment Fee (15%) will be levied, and you will also be responsible for any applicable taxes, duties, or charges.

- Should an item shipped to the buyer be returned, you may incur charges for the earnings associated with the item, as well as the cost of shipping the item back to you.

When I choose to remote list - do I pay for shipping?

Upon order confirmation of your item, we will send you a prepaid and pre-addressed shipping label via email. Please ensure to use the provided labels to prevent any tracking errors or delays in receiving your earnings.

You sold my item(s) - how do I ship them?

Please adhere to the following instructions for shipping your items:

- Package each item in the original packaging (if available), then place it in a sufficiently sized cardboard box or polymailer. Use bubble wrap or packing paper to ensure the item is secure. Do not solely rely on the original packaging for shipping.

- Drop the package off with the carrier listed on the prepaid shipping label within 3 business days of receiving it. Carriers such as FedEx, UPS, Canada Post, or USPS operate Monday through Saturday.

- Follow all package drop-off instructions provided. SHOPUBBI will not be liable for packages tendered to the carrier via onsite pick-up or third-party access points (e.g., CVS, Shoppers, drop-off lockers), as these locations may not provide updated tracking/scanning for the package.

- If we do not receive a notification of the item being scanned in on the third business day, we may ask for a photo of the drop-off receipt.

- Failure to ship the item within 72 hours will result in the cancellation of the sale.

- SHOPUBBI is not responsible for items that are not shipped in strict compliance with the guidelines outlined above.

- Ensure that you ship the item from within the country referenced in your return address. For example, if your return address is in Canada, you must ship your item from within Canada; shipping from the USA is not permitted.

What happens if the item(s) I ship do not match the description provided upon submission?

If any issues arise during the authentication or verification process of your item, we will notify you via email or using the contact information provided. In such cases, you will be charged a Recoupment Fee equivalent to 15% of the item's list price, in addition to any applicable taxes, duties, or fees. Subsequently, the item will be shipped back to you.

How do I get paid?

United States: You have the option to receive funds through ACH direct deposit or via PayPal. Please note there is a 2.9% fee for all payouts.

Canada: Your funds can be deposited in CAD through your preferred method of direct deposit, E-Transfer, or PayPal. Please note there is a 2.9% fee for all payouts. If you opt for your payout in your local currency, a currency conversion rate and fee will be applied.

Will I receive a 1099-K? 

For sellers based in the US, a Form 1099-K may be issued when specific sales and transaction thresholds are met through third-party settlement organizations (e.g., PayPal) If you do not qualify as a US person according to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) definition or do not meet the criteria outlined below, you may not receive a Form 1099-K.

IRS regulations mandate that third-party settlement organizations issue Form 1099-K to sellers who have grossed more than $20,000 USD from over 200 transactions in a calendar year. Additionally, eight states have lower thresholds for 1099-K issuance, as detailed below:

Arkansas: $2,500
District of Columbia: $600
Illinois: $1,000 and 4 transactions
Maryland: $600
Massachusetts: $600
New Jersey: $1,000
Vermont: $600
Virginia: $600

If you surpass either the IRS threshold or an applicable state threshold for the 2023 calendar year, you should expect to receive a Form 1099-K from our third-party settlement organizations by January 31, 2024. For further information on Form 1099-K, please visit