Secondhand & Sustainability

  • What's new for the summer?

    It's been a busy summer for us here at SHOPUBBI with new members of our team, the recent launch of our subsidiary - Ubbikini - and a transition to ...
  • Diving into the world of swim!

    We're beyond excited to announce a new member of the SHOPUBBI family - our new sister brand UBBIKINI is centered around providing you multipurpose ...
  • Our Consignment Process

    Wondering about our consignment services? It's simple..
  • Recurring Obstacles Encountered by the Secondhand Industry

    In our blog post for February 2023, we'll explore some of the challenges facing the secondhand industry, consumers buying behaviors and more as the fashion landscape changes. We touch base on fast fashion, socioeconomic limits, and potential solutions to these issues.
  • What's coming in 2023 for SHOPUBBI?

    The past year for our company has been an incredible journey of expansion. We worked with new faces and partnered with other sustainable brands for...
  • SHOPUBBI V.S Your Local Thrift Store

    Shopping for a specific style, designer item, or basics you can wear for years to come can be tiresome. For many the issue arises of clearly knowin...
  • Sustainability of Materials Found In Your Closet

    Wondering which items in your closet hurt the environment the most? Our blog for October discusses the various materials found in the items we wear and just how sustainable they actually are.
  • Here's Why You Shouldn't Buy Fast Fashion

    Discussing the human rights violations and other destructive aspects of fast fashion that are oftentimes overlooked within the fashion industry.
  • A Step-By-Step Guide to Shopping at Sustainable Businesses

    Do you find it difficult to discern the genuinely sustainable companies from the non-sustainable ones? Don't get greenwashed. This blog post will show you what to look out for when shopping - in terms of sustainable companies!
  • Five Fallacies About Second-Hand Stores

    Debunking some of the reasons why consumers feel uncomfortable shopping secondhand- as well as assuring current secondhand shoppers they are getting the same- if not better value for money as well as supporting environmentally friendly shopping habits.
  • Beginners Guide: How to Find Luxury for Less

    The luxury market can be intimidating - with sky high prices and pieces that aren't designed to necessarily match with casual day to day outfits. S...
  • The Future of Business is Environmentally Focused

    Over the years it has become more of a priority to keep the Earth in mind as global temperatures rise, species become less prevalent, and our water...