SHOPUBBI V.S Your Local Thrift Store

Shopping for a specific style, designer item, or basics you can wear for years to come can be tiresome. For many the issue arises of clearly knowing what item they want, yet ending up unable to find it for an affordable price. Thrifting has always been a common practice for a large portion of the population for decades yet there is still a percentage of shoppers who frown upon it.  The stigma behind spending money on worn, dirty, low quality items has led many to avoid shopping secondhand. 

For quite some time, local thrift stores such as Value Village, GoodWill, Plato's Closet, CrossRoads and more have been playgrounds for finding unique items and outdated styles that re-appear as trends come and go. However, from my own personal experience as well as those of hardcore thrifters out there - finding pieces that fit your personal style or are in good enough condition to take home can be challenging - keeping you in the store for hours just to find what you're looking for amongst the multitude of racks and bins that seem endless and disorganized. 

Here at SHOPUBBI we do things a little differently... 

  • Organized items  - mens and womens clothes + shoes and more. We provide you organized direction to everything you need in your closet. 
  • Quality ratings - we know that conditions differs for all secondhand items - thats why we've made it easy to sort through pieces based on whether you're looking for something like new - or a piece that may hold vintage attributes with a little more wear.
  • Designer & brand name pieces - something that is so few and far between when shopping at local thrift stores. Our inventory is curated specifically to hold higher quality items from brands that prioritize better production practices and durable materials that last longer and perform better for a timeless, fashionable guarantee. 
  • High percentage payouts for consignment & high buyouts - We pride ourselves on giving the most back to our customers and second-hand community. We offer a minimum of 50% payout structure so you get the most from your reselling efforts with us. To learn more about our payout structure click here
  • Worldwide accessibility - Whether you're in California or Dubai ..we'll ship to you! Our items are accessible worldwide, with tracked shipping and our quality guarantee + store credit/exchange policy of 7 days. 

We hope you enjoy the seamless second-hand shopping experience SHOPUBBI has to offer and make us your first choice when you choose to refresh your closet with some new pieces or sell your old stuff! 

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