Our Consignment Process

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is "How do your consignment services work?" We understand the process of selling your beloved pieces can be exhausting on your own - at SHOPUBBI we intend on easing the process by providing you with all the information you need on precisely what percentage we take, the price range of your item in the current market, alongside the actions we take to help sell it quickly (multi-channel exposure, discount margins, weekly price drops, etc). 

First, we ask that you search for pieces in your closet that you truly are ready to part with! Our items move relatively quickly, and once its listed and sold - we send it off to the buyer. Our acceptance guidelines prioritize level of wear in regards to quality. We only accept minimally worn pieces (or items that were worn moderately yet were shown lots of love so they look great).

Within the retail/fashion industry exists the misconception secondhand items are not worth buying, worn to the point of nearing the end of their life and simply sub-par to purchasing a new item. We hope to show our customers this isn't the case - and that secondhand is almost always a better choice than brand new. 

Once you've found the piece you wish to consign, all you need to do is contact us directly via email shopubbi@gmail.com - or DM us directly on Instagram with clear photos, original purchase price + proof of purchase/receipt, desired sell price and floor price. Inform us of any damage - and we'll go from there. If you are located in Vancouver, Canada or Silicon Valley, California we offer drop off and pick up options. You are welcome to keep your item on our website until it sells for no additional cost. 

In regards to our payout structure - you may view it under the "Policy" tab of our website. Payout is determined based exclusively on the brand of the piece you are selling. 

For any additional questions, or concerns please contact us at shopubbi@gmail.com. 


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