SHOPUBBI is your best alternative to finding exclusively brand name and designer goods for an affordable price. We carry everything under the sun when it comes to womenswear. From clothing, shoes, handbags, and accessories such as jewelry, scarves, hats and more- you can find it here. 
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All of our pieces are sourced from either second-hand retailers/thrift stores independent boutiques or individual consigners. Quality and prestige is our number one priority when it comes to the items in our inventory.
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You won't find "no-name" brands or extensively worn pieces on our site. Everything is from reputable brands and in great condition! All the hours you'd usually spend at the thrift store to find those lightly used brand name/designer gems is already done for you when you buy from SHOPUBBI. 
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We keep the environment in mind! 
Sustainable initiatives inclusive of eco-friendly packaging, local order-pick up, and carrying items that can be worn to various occasions for years to come stress the importance of reducing the continuous demand on the textile industry, reusing, recycling and preventing pollution caused by plastics and CO2 emissions/greenhouse gases. 
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